House spider

House Spider

House Spider Information


The House Spider is brown in color and is pretty small; about 3/8” in length. 

House spider

Location and Behavior Patterns:

House Spiders can really be about anywhere, inside or outside.  They prefer places that are secluded and protected, as well as areas that have a good food source for them.  They typically create their webs high off of the ground, perhaps along the gutters of a home or around windows or ceiling corners.  They eat other insects, so they place their webs in areas where they will have plenty of prey. 

If you have a lot of cobwebs around your home, then you have House Spiders, too.  Cobwebs are old House spider webs that have collected dirt and dust, and they have then become easily recognizable by people.


House spiders are not a threat to people.  In fact, because House spiders eat other insects, they can be helpful to property owners, as they eat things like roaches, earwigs, flies, mosquitos, and other types of insects.

If, however, you feel like you have too many House spiders within the home, then regular inspection and liquid treatment is effective for them, as well as for many other insects, too. Removing spider webs is also an effective way to keep them under control.

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