Desert Dampwood Termite

This species of termites are peculiar in their way, but with the same underlying effects on their surroundings.

They are commonly found in areas such as southern California, Texas, and Arizona. 


How to Identify a desert dampwood Termite

Swarmers of this category are characterized by their dark brown bodies.

Soldiers on the other hand have a somewhat lighter appearance, while workers can be identified by their spotted abdomens.

What do desert dampwood termites survive on

The king, queen, soldiers, and eggs are predominantly dependent on the workers for survival. The workers take on the role of caring for the eggs until they hatch, and literally feed the king, queen, and soldiers.

The Desert damp wood termites survive by feeding on damp wood beneath ground level.

However, they can and will feed on roots of living trees, wooden fences, and household furniture if within range.

Common signs of desert dampwood Termite Infestations

They rarely ever infest homes unlike other termite species, but if they do, they often go for damp wooden structures that have been under constant contact with water or other fluids. Some things you might notice if your house is infested

  • Swarmer wings
  • Fecal pellets
  • Random holes in infested wood
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