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Looking for  Delray Beach Pest Control and Termite Control Service Company? Are you a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida? Odds are, something’s bugging you. And no, it’s not traffic. It’s one of any number of thousands of pests that can be found in the area single day. The good news is that there is a better pest control and Termite Control Service that can help you get what’s bugging you under control.

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pest control Delray Beach

Living in Palm Beach County is great. The weather is near perfect all year round. The saltwater air is great for your skin and your allergies and there is just something special about living this close to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. However, it’s not just great for the human residents. It’s great for thousands of species of pests. From insects like ant, termites, roaches, ticks, and fleas to spiders and a host of rodents including many different species of mice and rats, there is a great potential for any one of these pests to find their way into your home and set up housekeeping. The good news is that there is a solution for what’s bugging you. Maybe it’s time to contact the pest control and termite control experts. Call us today if you are in need of pest control, including; mosquito control, rodent control Delray Beach, ant control, cockroaches, and termites in Delray Beach.

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We offer a better Delray Beach pest control and Termite Control Service solution. We provide an effective three-step process that identifies the source of your pest problem, eliminates the things that are bugging you, and then prevent them from coming back. It is this treatment triad that makes us a superior pest control solution. It is important to distinguish our approach topest control solutions from those of our competitors. The reason that our services are different, and in our opinion better, is that we not only eliminate the pests, we prevent them from reinfesting your home and lawn. We do this by creating an effective barrier that keeps pests off your property and out of your hair. This is a step that is essential to long term pest control. Most pest control solutions focus on getting rid of your immediate issues. But, we believe in offering our clients more for their money. In addition to our proven three-step process, we offer you the ability toeliminate pests in your home and on your lawn without having a detrimental effect on your landscaping, your various home elements, and even the environment. This is because we use only the best and least impactful pest elimination solutions. This means that your home is safe for your family and your pets while still kicking your unwelcome guests to the curb. It is the ultimate in responsible pest control. If you live in the area and have a problem with pests, don’t suffer in silence.

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It’s very important for home owners to know how vulnerable they are to insects. There are lots of nasty critters in our home state. We’re here to help you fight those infestations.  South Florida homes are extremely vulnerable to these ravenous insects that literally never sleep or take a rest. Fighting termite infestations begins with pre-construction treatment. Regular inspections and preventative termite treatments are just as important. When these persistent wood-eating bugs make their way into a home, they silently and stealthily cause destruction. On average, the minimum cost homeowners pay to repair damage caused by termites is $3,000. Often, the expense is much higher. Home insurance policies rarely cover termite damage. Florida Environmental Pest Management is a trusted family-owned company that has been providing reliable termite control Delray Beach for 30-plus years.

Pre-Construction Termite Control Delray Beach

Pre-construction termite control is not just needed. It’s actually necessary, due to a legal mandate. At Florida Environmental Pest Management, our method is the best for preventing future termite infestations. Before the slab is poured, we apply a liquid treatment that combats and prevents infestation of destructive subterranean termites. At various intervals during the building process, additional treatments are applied. We provide an excellent warranty, which may be one of the reasons many contractors call on us for new construction projects.

Pest Prevention

The fight to keep termites away is ongoing. Homeowners are well-advised to trust the essential task to professionals You can enjoy greater peace of mind when the premier company for termite control is managing the issue for you. Our goals for prevention are two-fold at Florida Environmental Pest Management:

  1. First, we create an environment that is unpleasant for termites, as a way of deterring them from establishing a colony; and
  2. Secondly, we remove potential attractants from the home and property.

Homeowners can also get involved in termite control. The following are methods for maintaining termite prevention:

  • Be diligent about ensuring that the foundation of your home stays dry. Drainage, proper grading, and maintenance of downspouts and gutters contribute to keeping excess moisture away from your foundation.
  • If a plumbing leak occurs, have it fixed without delay.
  • Do not allow vents to become blocked by plants or other obstructions.
  • Don’t plant shrubs and trees too close to your home. In addition, don’t allow plants to grow against exposed wood surfaces.
  • Store and pile firewood and other types of wood debris somewhere else besides next to your home.

Inspections are another important part of prevention and termite control. Our technicians are highly trained to detect signs of all types of termites. Some termites commonly claim the attics in homes as their food source. Others search for moist conditions. If termites are discovered, we provide effective extermination services that are eco-friendly, people-friendly, and pet-friendly.

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No-Tent Termite Inspection

We don’t want our customers to have the unpleasantness of sharing their home with unwanted critters. We also don’t want homeowners to be evacuated from their own premises during treatment for existing infestations. We offer convenient and effective no-tent termite control. You can get rid of termites without the massive inconveniences associated with tent fumigation. Contact us at Florida Environmental Pest Management for all of your needs related to termite control Delray Beach.

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Visit Florida Environmental Pest Management at today and discuss your needs with a skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly pest control technician. They will present you with a range of options and help explore the different options to determine which ones will work best for your particular needs. There is no better way to get rid of the things that are bugging you than to call us today. The expert Delray Beach Pest and Termite Control company. We have been rated as one of the best exterminators in Delray Beach. If you have been searching for “pest control near me Delray Beach”, or “exterminator near me Delray Beach“, look no further than Florida Environmental Pest Management!

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