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Jupiter Island pest control and termite control services available from Florida Environmental Pest Management are comprehensive. There are many pest issues that can cause damage, frustration, and inconvenience. Of all the pest problems that occur in Florida, termite problems are the worst for homeowners because the wood-destroying insects can do an incredible amount of damage before anyone realizes what’s happening. One of the many ways we can help is that we can accomplish with minimal hassle what other companies achieve with tent fumigation. No-tent termite control and termite treatment means your family doesn’t have to be temporarily displaced; and there are other advantages, as well.

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Florida Environmental is the Jupiter pest control and termite control services experts in South, Florida. Tree health is important to human health. We need healthy trees to contribute to the production of oxygen – the one thing people absolutely can’t live without. Sometimes trees can have problems that aren’t immediately noticeable. That’s when Pest Control and Termite Control Services can come to the rescue.

Jupiter Pest Control and Termite Control Services

Mostpest control services focus on providing you pest control solutions for your home. However, we’re different as pest control experts. We understand that while it’s great to live in a pest-free home, having a pest-free lawn is important, too. Keeping pests to a minimum on your lawn will not only help you keep your family and pets more comfortable when spending time outdoors, it can also help you protect your landscaping investment. Trees are vulnerable to pest infestations and those that fall victim often have to be cut down and replaced. However, the Pest and Termite Control Services we offer can treat pest infestations in your lawn and your trees, helping you protect your landscape investment while serving to discourage pests from entering your home. In fact, our pest control services in Palm Beach County have a 99% success rate for our lawn pest control treatment programs. This program controls the most dangerous insects that affect tree health because most tree problems start with insects. The trick is to control the insects in order to produce healthy, growth-driven trees. We use the latest in pest control products that allow us to eliminate pest infestations from trees, shrubs and your lawn quickly and effectively, without impacting the environment or your family.

Are termites bad in Florida?

Termites love the climate in Florida. Unfortunately, a home that isn’t protected against termites can become infested at any time. Protection against termites is so important that it’s the law for every building being constructed to be treated for termites. Many builders in the area rely on us because of our effective pre-construction liquid treatment, which is applied before the foundation is poured and keeps subterranean termites away. This process on new buildings also includes follow-up termite treatments at additional stages of construction. Anytime pre-construction termite control is requested, we provide a lifetime bond for that property.

Jupiter Pest Control and Termite Control Services
Jupiter Pest Control and Termite Control Services
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The termite control Jupiter we provide at Florida Environmental Pest Management includes tent-free treatment. We are the premier company in South Florida for helping homeowners get rid of termites. For 30-plus years, we’ve been establishing our reputation for quality extermination services and unrivaled customer service. A home is typically a family’s largest investment, and termites pose a very real threat. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t usually include coverage for termite damage, although these insects cause more harm than all-natural disasters combined. We take care of pre-construction and preventative treatments as well as extermination and termite control Jupiter.

Termite Control in Jupiter Florida

Are you having termite problems in your Jupiter home? Did you know that termites are responsible for over 5 billion dollars worth of property damage to homes and businesses every year? Have you started taking measures to prevent your home from being a part of the 600,000 homes ravaged by termites every year? If you haven’t, you should.

Termites will survive anywhere there is wood or soil. They dwell there and build a colony with time. If your home has wood and soil, which it most definitely does, and you have sensed termite activity one too many times, you should start taking measures to prevent those wood-eating, property-wrecking pests from destroying your property any further.

Termite Treatment For Jupiter Homes

When building a new home in south Florida, termite control is extremely important. There is actually a legal mandate that all new buildings be treated for termites. Pre-construction treatment is absolutely the best way to prevent future termite problems. Our treatment to keep out subterranean termites includes a liquid treatment before the foundation is poured. There are also follow-up treatments at various stages throughout the building process. Our subterranean termite treatments come with a lifetime bond for the property. We make it possible for homeowners to have the confidence of knowing their homes are termite-free.

Termite Control Jupiter 561-708-4090Termite Inspections

Termites are incredibly destructive insects, doing billions in damage every year in Florida and throughout the U.S. Termites have been known to chew through wood floors and then begin working their way through pianos. We recommend that homeowners schedule regular inspections for termite control. It’s crucial to call for extermination if you see signs of possible termite damage. The following are a few of the signs you may have termites:

• Sagging or blistering wood floors could mean you have termites. Also, if the floor feels springy or more spongy than unusual, contact us for termite control without delay.

• Unexplained cracks in internal walls sometimes occur when termites consume the cellulose found in the wood within walls.

• If you see piles of sawdust, such as in your attic, it may be caused by termites. Attics are at risk of termite damage, same as ground level wooden structures.

• If you discover hollow-sounding or weakened wood on your property or in your home, it could be because termites have hollowed out the wooden structures.

• Sticking windows and/or doors are also possible indications that you have termites.

Jupiter Pest Control and Termite Control Services
Jupiter Pest Control and Termite Control Services
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Different types, descriptions, and identification of termites in Jupiter, Florida

The termites in Jupiter, Florida can be found almost everywhere else in Florida and we have a full catalog of every one of them. However, we will go over just a few of them to give you an idea of what you’re looking at.

1. Florida Dampwood Termites

Florida dampwood termites, as the name suggests are usually found around continually moistened wood. This wood could be your siding or foundation wood during the rainy season. 

The dampwood termites are not constricted to the outside part of your home. They can get in through wet window wood and eventually, any wood inside your house. They’re usually found in Miami and Florida Keys 

2. Conehead Termites

The conehead termites are very often found around Southwest Florida and can sometimes be found in several other parts of the state. These termites beat a path known as mud tubes through the soil in a direction towards a food source. 

Although it is widely believed that they live outside the home, they can trace food right into your house and damage property. 

3. Formosan Subterranean Termites

These termites are some of the most destructive in the termite kingdom. They’re aggressive, difficult to trace, and highly populated all over the United States, not just in Florida. Unlike the conehead termites that live above the ground, the Formosan subterranean termites live underneath it.

These termites can have a colony of over 2 to 10 million termites living underneath your soil and gradually making their way into your property. They’re very destructive and can damage anything from wooden structures to clothes. 

4. Asian Subterranean Termites

The Asian subterranean termites have similar attributes to the Formosan as they also build nests below the ground. Their nests are usually made of mud and can be underneath your soil for weeks without you noticing. This is why regular termite inspection is necessary as it can prevent the termites from making their way into your home.

These termites are usually found in South Florida and other parts of the United States. They’re more destructive to wooden structures. 

5. West-Indian Drywood Termites

These termites have only one mission in your home and that is to destroy all dry hardwood structures raining from floors to foundation wood to siding to furniture and more. 

Termites can get anywhere, which is why we strongly advise homeowners to do a regular termite inspection to ensure that their home is free from these wood-destroying pests. However, after inspection is done and termites are found, termite control should come next and quickly.

Our termite control services

At Florida Environmental, we are committed to assuring our clients of a clean, safe, and termite-free environment. The good thing about doing termite control is that you would also be exterminating other insects, including roaches, carpenter ants, bugs, beetles, and more. Simply put, you’ll be getting more for the price of one. 

1. Termite prevention & Inspection

After a thorough inspection of your entire home or commercial space, if no termites are found in the vicinity, it is crucial to take preventive steps to stop them from ever appearing. This is what Florida Environmental will do for you. We will help you stop the impending termite swarms.

2. Tent fumigation

Are you having trouble keeping termites out? Call Florida Environmental today for a thorough sweep out of termites and other insects. Although tent fumigation is the last resort and can only be used when we are 100% sure there are no other alternatives, we will keep it eco-friendly.

3. Baiting system set up

Part of our termite prevention and treatment services is setting up a baiting system where the entire termite colony in your home can be led to a destructive end, ridding your home of any eventual termite infestation.

4. Liquid protection

Our liquid protection solution is approved and in compliance with the Food Quality Protection Act. One amazing benefit of liquid protection is that it does the job 60% faster than any other method known to the termite control industry. You can learn more about this from our detailed explanation of the service.

5. No tent termite control

This service covers the space in your home or office without the need for renting. This gives you the privilege to carry out your daily routine without hassles or discomfort. We value transparency over wealth accumulation and want to give you more for less. 

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Customers might be concerned that this program would be too expensive and too time consuming. They might be tempted to simply not take care of the potential problems that are in the making. The fact is, though, that our program is extremely cost effective, generally not costing more than a full lawn service does on average. This is a considerable saving from what it would cost to replace your trees as well as treat your home in the event pests, like termites, choose to move indoors. Of course, our Jupiter Pest Control and Termite Control Services offers you much more than just tree pest elimination. We provide a myriad of pest control and elimination solutions. It’s one of the reasons that we are the leading  Pest and Termite Control Services choice. We have the ability to eliminate a wide range of pest infestations including ants, termites, roaches, spiders, rats, mice, fleas, and ticks from both your home and your lawn. In addition, we also provide valuable solutions that prevent these pests from coming back.

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