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Liquid Protection Subterranean Termite Treatment

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Subterranean Termites are a common species of termite in South Florida. Effective treatment for keeping them away is Florida Environmental Pest Management’s Termite Liquid Protection Treatment.

Colonies of subterranean termites can have millions of wood-eating inhabitants. Most homeowners’ insurance does not cover termite damage, which makes it important for families to protect their homes from termite infestations, including destructive subterranean Formosan termites.

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Formosan termites & Asian termites are known to arrive in vast numbers, with typical colonies hosting millions of members. Formosan termites require moisture. They can colonize underneath houses, which makes them more difficult to detect and eradicate. Florida Environmental’s Liquid Protection Treatment has proven to be effective at getting rid of subterranean termites entirely, including Formosan termites. Due to the effectiveness of this product, no termite control solution formulated has ever become so widely used so quickly.

Why Choose The Liquid Protection Termite Treatment?


For most homeowners, your home is often your family’s largest investment. Florida Environmental is devoted to protecting homes from termite infestations. We have been protecting Florida residences from termite destruction for years. The following are 5 of the benefits of protecting your home with our proven product, Florida Environmental’s Liquid Protection Termite Treatment:

  1. Highly effective
  2. Virtually odorless
  3. Compared to bait systems, results are up to 6 times more rapid
  4. Once termites have come into contact with the product, their colonies are systematically and thoroughly killed off
  5. Our Liquid Protection Termite Treatment is made in compliance with the strict standards of the Food Quality Protection Act.

How it Works

Groundbreaking technology led to the formulation of FEPM’s liquid defense. The liquid is an undetectable non-repellent. Termites are unable to see, smell, or taste our liquid defense, which means that they cannot avoid its deadly effects. Once termites come into contact with the product, the termite control formula is transferred to their entire colonies.

FEPM offers an annual inspection and re-treatment with annual termite renewals. We have termite control specialists providing unsurpassed services in West Palm Beach, Boca RatonJupiterPalm Beach Gardens and the surrounding areas. For effective termite services using FEPM Subterranean Termite Liquid Protection, contact us at Florida Environmental Pest Management today.

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