Pest Control Palm Beach Gardens

Pest Control Palm Beach Gardens

Achieving the beautiful landscaping typical to South Florida homes and preventing bothersome and destructive insect infestations are the best reasons for reliable pest control Palm Beach Gardens. Florida Environmental Pest Management has technicians with high quality training to meet all of your needs for lawn care and pest control. Our comprehensive services include lawn care, interior pest control, whitefly control, and termite control.

When it comes to controlling pests that have found their way onto your lawn and into your home, call Florida Environmental Pest Management your Palm Beach Gardens Pest Control and Termite Control experts. Your first thought is probably to head straight to the local hardware store and purchase an arsenal of pest control products. However, the problem with this approach is that everyone else who has ever had a problem has done much the same thing. Most don’t do a complete job or killing off the pests in their homes, leaving some to mutate into a new strain of super pest that is now immune to the pesticides that are currently being offered to homeowners, rendering them all but ineffective in getting rid of anything, making hiring a professional pest control service a vital aspect of eliminating any pest from your home and/or lawn. Here are a few of the advantages of hiring professional exterminators Palm Beach Gardens for pest control and termite control service.

Top-Rated Palm Beach Gardens Pest Control

We have the ability to assess your home for the type of pest problem you are having. This means that we can create a custom pest control service that is best suited to getting rid of the things that are bugging you. We will use the size of your home, the level of your infestation, and elements of your landscape to create a customized, effective pest control solution.

We Offer Mosquito Control, Rodent Control, and Ant Control Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens Pest Control

While it may seem counter-intuitive to think that paying a regular monthly or annual fee to have your home treated for pests to prevent an infestation for pests, just ask your neighbor who just got done paying for extensive renovations after a carpenter ant or termite infestation just cost him. Most homeowners don’t recognize the signs of a pest infestation until untold hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage has been done. That’s why they need Pest Control and Termite Control experts like Florida Environmental Pest Management. However, our technicians do. We can recognize the early signs of pest infestation and take action long before they have the chance to do any lasting, expensive damage. Not to mention, our barrier system goes a long way to preventing infestations of all types. We also have the experience and skills to handle a variety of issues like mosquito control, rodent control, ant control, and even cockroaches in Palm Beach Gardens.

Of course, we use chemicals that are stronger than what you can buy at your local store. It’s what allows us to eliminate the pests in your home and on your lawn. However, our technicians (the Palm Beach Gardens Pest Control and termite control techs) have extensive training on the best, most effective, and least harmful way to use these chemicals so that your family, your pets, and even the environment stays safe. We want to help end your search for pest control near me Palm Beach Gardens by offering our services to you!

Interior Pest Control Palm Beach Gardens

The interior problems that most commonly demand pest control are infestationsof cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, and rodents. The following is information about the eco-friendly baiting system we use at Florida Environmental Pest Management:

  • The house is inspected to identify issues that need to be addressed.
  • Baits are applied in kitchens and wet areas.
  • Dry products are applied in walls and attic areas to treat any insect nests that may be in the home.
  • Granular baits are applied around the home’s exterior, to keep insects out.
  • Around the home, a liquid barrier is applied to prevent insects from re-infesting after initial service.

Whitefly Control

You may need pest control Palm Beach Gardens because of a whitefly infestation. This insect is a persistent problem in South Florida. Whitefly control is needed to prevent the nasty insects from destroying plants, shrubs, and trees, including palms. Whiteflies suck nutrients out of plants, which causes discoloration, damaging honeydew droppings, and leaf droppings. Contact us at Florida Environmental Pest Management for a free estimate on whitefly control for your lawn.

No-Tent Termite Control

Termites are commonly one of the greatest fears of a homeowner and the reason many people call for expert pest control. We provide no-tent fumigation, which means you won’t need to move out of your home, remove plants or flowers, or clean out your medications or fresh foods.

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Trying to eliminate a pest problem on your own is not just usually ineffective. It can also have the opposite effect. Trying to eliminate or kill many pests will not only get rid of the infestation, but it will often signal to other pests where they can come to take up residence. Using a leading  Pest Control and Termite Control Service like the one we offer will kill the pests you have and make it virtually impossible to experience and re-infestation.

Finding a good Palm Beach Gardens exterminator can be difficult. Whether you have pests you need to get rid of or want to take steps to keep an infestation from getting started, give us a call at (561) 220-3745 to discuss your options with a pest control expert. At Florida Environmental Pest Management, the pest control and termite control exterminators, we can help with all types of pest problems including ants, termites, roaches, spiders, rats, mice, fleas, ticks, and more.

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