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When you trust Florida Environmental Pest Management with pest control Wellington, you get high-quality lawn care and reliable pest control service. Our customer service is unsurpassed, partly because we communicate verbally and in writing with customers before and after each visit. Our dedication and years of experience make us the best exterminators Wellington has to offer. Our products are eco-friendly and safe for kids and pets. In addition to highly trained technicians, we have field supervisors who ensure that every detail of lawn service and/or pest control is tended to. Our staff is non-commissioned, and they devote the time necessary to complete every treatment fully when each service is performed. For these reasons and more, Florida Environmental Pest Management is the best place in Palm Beach County for reliable pest control Wellington. So stop searching for pest control near me Wellington and call us today!

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The worst type of insect infestation any home could have is termites. Damage caused by termites sometimes goes on for years before being detected, which leads to expensive repairs. Termites are a huge problem in South Florida and throughout the state, with termites causing more than half a billion in damages every year in Florida alone. We get rid of termites, whether your home is infested with dry wood, subterranean, damp wood, or soldier termites. We also provide preventative treatment. We use a no-tent termite control program that gets the job done without homeowners having to leave their homes, remove plants, or put away cosmetics, medications, or un-canned food. Our no-tent fumigation system is a safe method for termite pest control Wellington.

Pest Control Wellington

South Florida is one of the places most plagued by whiteflies. These small flies with white, moth-like wings cause damage to plants and kill them if the infestation isn’t controlled with pest control. Year-around, whiteflies can be a problem. One of the biggest challenges with whiteflies is that they are tolerant of many kinds of chemicals. Another tricky aspect of extermination is that they cling to the backside of leaves on bushes and trees. Florida Environmental Pest Management provides effective whitefly control.

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Lawn spraying by our highly trained technicians is one key aspect of our lawn care and pest control Wellington. We apply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to keep South Florida lawns healthy and green year-round. The specialized training of our technicians is one of the reasons we consistently achieve maximum results with our clients’ ornamentals and lawns. The custom blend of eco-friendly fertilizers is safe for people, pets, and the environment. By scheduling ongoing treatment with us at Florida Environmental Pest Management, potential problems that can damage a lawn are prevented. This is lawn maintenance at its best. Lawn spraying can help with things such as ant control, rodent control, and even cockroaches in Wellington.

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If you’ve ever had to deal with harsh, smelly chemicals used for extermination in your home, you should be able to appreciate the fact that our products for indoor pest control are both effective and safe. We use a baiting system that eliminates any insect colonies currently infesting your home and then our preventative measures stop more insects from getting inside. So if you are searching for an exterminator near me Wellington, then contact us at Florida Environmental Pest Management so that you can get the best results with pest control. As a top-rated Wellington exterminator, we make sure your property will be pest-free by the time we are finished.

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