Wildlife Control

Florida is teeming with all sorts of wildlife, and sometimes homeowners have unexpected encounters. Many homeowners in South Florida know that Florida Environmental Pest Management is the best place to call for fast, reliable wildlife control West Palm Beach. Sometimes a wildlife problem is a frightening emergency, but oftentimes it’s a matter of noticing that critters are gaining access to your home or property during the wee hours of the night. Either way, FEPM can remedy the situation quickly.


Humane Wildlife Control from FEPM

A common issue homeowners in South Florida deal with is an invasion of raccoons getting into garbage cans. It’s helpful to make notes about damage done to your home and any aggression exhibited by wildlife, so that you can inform FEPM wildlife control services when you call. The information you provide will give helpful insights on the best way for our wildlife control West Palm Beach experts to proceed.

Our philosophy at FEPM is to use humane methods to safely remove wildlife and avoid taking the lives of animals, whenever possible. There are a number of humane solutions that we can employ to effectively achieve wildlife removal. For instance, live traps are much safer for animals than they were in the past. We use state-of-the-art equipment that is effective as well as morally and ethically right. FEPM wildlife control West Palm Beach services aim for “catch and release” methods every time and avoidance of unnecessary violence or injury to creatures.

Tips for Wildlife Control West Palm Beach


Protecting your Home

Since Florida attracts a wide range of critters that can invade a person’s property, we recommend taking preventative measures that will discourage unwanted guests. The best and least expensive approach to the issue of wildlife is to prevent them from getting into your home. This method is referred to as “exclusion,” and our experts at FEPM can help you achieve a successful exclusion strategy. This can be tricky, since mice only need a ¼” opening to gain access.  The alternate to keeping wildlife out is dealing with traps, routine emptying of traps, and other undesirable inconveniences. Areas that need to be critter-proofed include the roof, the basement, the garage, and any other entry points that various creatures could possibly squeeze through.
Protecting your Home

  • Find and seal every entry opening leading to your home’s interior.
  • Apply extreme hot sauce to areas rats, mice, and other creatures tend to chew.
  • Keep trees and all other types of vegetation away from your home so that there is no contact with the exterior, since plants can make it easy for animals to climb and look for vulnerable spots.
  • If you have a fireplace, install a chimney cap with sturdy mesh, so that animals can’t crawl inside the chimney.

Protecting your Garden

  • To keep wildlife out of your garden, install a sturdy fence that’s anchored in the ground.
  • Spray substances that are natural but distasteful on the plants, such as rotten egg whites.
  • Make sure fallen vegetables and fruit are picked up, since they are attractants.

Keeping Animals out of Your Trash

  • Strap or bungee garbage can lids shut.
  • Don’t keep garbage cans outdoors.
  • Be sure the area where you keep trash cans stays clean since spilled food and other traces of garbage encourage and attract the presence of wildlife.
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