Pest Control North Palm Beach

Pest Control North Palm Beach

Pest control North Palm Beach is needed by South Florida residents for lawn treatment, termite and whitefly control, and interior pest control. Florida Environmental Pest Management is the place to call for effective treatments that are eco-friendly, child-friendly, and pet-friendly. Our technicians are highly trained and our work is guaranteed. The following is more about our comprehensive services for pest control.

Interior Pest Control North Palm Beach

When Florida Environmental Pest Management handles your pest control, you don’t need to deal with harsh, odorous chemicals in your home each month. The products we use are effective and yet gentle on your home environment. Our eco-friendly baiting system begins with an inspection of your house, so that we are aware of all current pest-related issues. In kitchens and wet areas, baits are applied. As designed, our environmentally friendly baiting system eliminates any insect colonies that are currently invading your home. With our ongoing treatment, we take a preventative approach. We apply a liquid barrier that stops insects from ever getting back into your home, rather than waiting until they find a way back inside. This approach to pest control is important, since many insects carry various diseases.

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Lawn Treatment

At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we do an inspection of your entire lawn and then prepare a personalized lawn care treatment program that will enhance your landscaping with maximum effect. Our granular fertilization treatments are crucial to the beauty of your palms, shrubs, lawns, and trees. The nutrition we provide on your lawn also accomplishes pest control, preventing disease and insect infestation. Deep root palm and tree beautification is one of our essential lawn treatments that can restore neglected trees as well as keep healthy trees in top shape. Fire ant control is another essential aspect of pest control that we offer at Florida Environmental Pest Management.

Whitefly Control

In South Florida, dealing with a whitefly infestation is common among homeowners. When you schedule pest control North Palm Beach with Florida Environmental Pest Management, you can count on complete elimination of the pesky insects on your property. There are several types of whiteflies, and all of them suck the nutrients out of plants. With some plants, a whitefly infestation will result in yellowing. With others, leaves will wilt and drop off. Whiteflies leave a waxy substance on plants, and they are bad news all around. One strategy for eliminating whiteflies involves generic pest control, but we don’t use that option, since beneficial insects are typically eliminated at the same time. Our methods are effective, reliable, and eco-friendly.

Termite Control

In Florida alone, termites are responsible for over $500 million in damage annually. Because a home is typically the largest investment a homeowner makes, protecting homes from termites is a must. Damage could be made by termites for years, without anything being detected. Contact reliable pest control North Palm Beach at Florida Environmental Pest Management, to be sure your home is safe from termites. If there is an infestation of termites, we will get rid of them, guaranteed.

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