Florida Dampwood Termite

Florida Dampwood Termites consist of the typical termite caste, which includes the king, queen, soldiers, and workers.


How to Identify a Florida Dampwood Termite

The soldiers do not possess wings as the reproductive adults just like the Desert Dampwood Termites. The workers make up the largest part of the colony, while the soldiers are relatively smaller in number, constituting below ten percent of the entire colony.

The swarmers are larger than the soldiers and workers and usually have wings slightly larger than their bodies.

Each caste of this species has a notably bright appearance. Almost yellowish to some extent.

What do Florida Dampwood termites survive on

The Florida damp wood termites occupy any available wooden structure as a means of protection from the elements and potential predators. Alates or swarmers fly to inhabitable environments to begin their colonies during swarming seasons each year.

These swarming seasons can go on for several months. Swarmers prefer to leave their colonies at night during this period and like other termite species, they are also drawn to light. They form their colonies in wood exposed to moisture. This means that they tend to seek out wood on the ground surface or exposed to rain, and wood used in roof construction, especially leaking roofs.

Common signs of Florida Dampwood Termite Infestations

  • Mud tubes
  • Roughly damaged wood or destroyed wooden surfaces
  • Wings of swarmers
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