Western Drywood Termite

Also known as Incisitermes Minor, the western dry wood termites are generally found in parts such as Northern California, Central Arizona, and some areas in Mexico.


How to Identify a Western drywood Termite

The alates, consisting of the male and female swarmers, are the ones required to further the existence of their species.

As such, they have to leave their colonies when they develop wings and are fully mature to reproduce. They have brownish-orange heads and dark brown abdomens, while the soldiers and nymphs have reddish-brown heads.

What do Western drywood termites survive on

Like other termite species, they form their colonies within damp wood.

The workers gather cellulose materials that sustain the entire colony.

When the alates are old enough to reproduce, they fly off to various locations to start their colonies.

When the alates land at a suitable spot, they lose their wings and begin to look for mates.

Once a male alate is accepted by a female, they can then commence the courting process and gradually expand their colony.

Common signs of Western drywood Termite Infestations

  • Fecal pellets in doors and wooden furniture
  • The occasional sighting of alates
  • Wings of swarmers
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