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Southeastern Drywood Termite

Southeastern Drywood Termite

The Southeastern dry wood termite is one of the few species of termites with a distinctly lower number of members in a single colony.

Their numbers usually range in a few thousand unlike others with far larger capacities.

How to Identify a Southeastern drywood Termite

Southeastern drywood termites are similar to other forms of  drywood termites. As such, it is best identified with the damage it inflicts on wooden materials.

The passages they create within infested wood are considerably smooth and they produce oval-shaped fecal pellets, unlike other termites.

What do Southeastern Drywood termites survive on

While termites are known to prefer wet, moist wooden habitats, the Southeastern dry wood termites are quite the opposite.

Rather than occupying wood that has been severely deteriorated by moisture they much prefer dry wood with little or no signs of rot or decay.

Common signs of Southeastern Drywood Termite Infestations

  • Dead swarmers
  • Oval shaped fecal pellets
  • Shed alate wings

If you need help with Southeastern Drywood Termites In Florida

Florida Environmental Pest Management can help. We do drywood termite tenting, termite inspections and extermination in South Florida. Call us today for a complimentary quote on termite treatment.

Southeastern Drywood Termite