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Spider Identification Database

In this database, we’ll show you how to identify different spiders and go over the different species and if they are dangerous to humans.

So what different types of spiders exist in Florida?

Seeing as spiders have a clinical phobia named for them, they have to be something of an issue as a pest. They can actually be beneficial if you can stand to have them around! They prey on other, more troublesome pests as well as their own kind.  Pest-ID-Spiders

How to Identify Spiders

The spider’s most recognizable feature is their set of eight legs. Their bodies have two segments and can be nearly invisible to baseball-sized or even larger. Another very recognizable ability common to spiders is their silk spinning. They use this unique and extremely strong material to spin webs, line their nests and encase their egg sacs (depending on the species). Webs can be structured or disorderly and some spiders don’t build webs at all, preferring a nice crevice or to just wander free-range.

Problems they Cause

In the US, there are two spiders that are considered dangerous: the brown recluse and the black widow. Both can deliver painful bites that may result in infection, tissue death, and scarring but neither is deadly. A few other species will bite but typically only if threatened. Female may place an egg sac in your home that will later give birth to quite a large number of tiny spiderlings. Other than that, they don’t cause any problems other than that creepy feeling when you spot one. They eat other insects so they are actually rather beneficial in the right environs.


Outdoor spiders are usually most active in the spring to early fall. Some species may hibernate or seek shelter in the cool months and some will not survive the winter. Other, like the common house spider, will remain active year-round.

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