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Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider Information


Wolf spiders can grow to be pretty large, anywhere from ¼” long to 1 ½” long, and may have a leg span of about 3” long.  They are dark brown or black in color.  They also have the ability to carry their own egg sacs around, on their abdomens, and can carry their young spiderlings, after hatching, too.

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Wolf Spiders tend to stay outdoors, and they typically are located at ground level.  They may hide underneath bushes, flowers, within shrubs, or underneath stones.  It is rare that a Wolf Spider will make its’ way indoors, but if it does, it probably entered the building through a construction crack or an open door.  Infestations of Wolf Spiders are very rare, within the interior of a home or a business property.

Wolf spiders do not spin webs.  They feed on other insects, and they can appear quite aggressive in their hunting behavior.  They seem to jump, or pounce, on their unsuspecting prey.


Wolf spiders are rarely harmful to humans, but they can be worrisome to property owners.  If indoors, then sticky pads, or traps, are the most effective way to treat this type of spider.  If an infestation has occurred outdoors, then a pest professional can treat the affected area for you, as well as show you preventative measures to take, in order to limit their presence.

Wolf Spider