Fire Ant

Fire Ant Control

Is one of the biggest problems facing homeowners in south Florida. Delivering painful stings and creating unsightly mounds of dirt on the lawn, these ants are the very definition of a pest. Getting rid of them (fire ant control West Palm Beach) can be tricky, too, as they are highly aggressive and live in large colonies that can number up to 250,000 ants.

Fire Ant Control

If you suspect you have a fire ant infestation on your lawn, you need to act fast to get the situation under control. Delaying a  fire ant control West Palm Beach treatment will only cause the problem to grow, and it can also put you, your family, and your pets at risk. The sting of a fire ant is extremely painful – and in some cases, even fatal – and children and pets are especially at risk of being stung. Fire ants are also very aggressive, and will sting repeatedly if they feel their colony is being threatened. The easiest way to tell if fire ants are an issue in your yard is to look for the telltale mounds they build. Usually found in dry, sunny areas, these ants build mounds out of sandy dirt that can reach heights of several inches. The ants themselves are reddish-brown in coloring, with darker colored abdomens. The biggest ones are only about a quarter-inch in length, but don’t let their small size fool you – this is an ant you don’t want to mess with. So let us take care of them instead. Our technicians are highly trained in dealing with fire ants, and we know the best treatments to rid your lawn of these nasty critters. We use highly concentrated, eco-friendly baiting and spray methods that are guaranteed to eliminate the colony without being harmful to the planet. If you suspect that fire ants have invaded your lawn, don’t wait to contact us to set up a detailed evaluation and treatment plan.

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