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For reliable pest control Palm Beach County, contact Florida Environmental Pest Management at 561-708-4090. We have the best solutions to handle every type of interior and exterior pest problem encountered in South Florida. Among the benefits of pest control with Florida Environmental is that our technicians are highly trained. And because our technicians are not commission-based, each job is performed properly and to completion. We provide guaranteed services to rid homeowners of every type of interior and exterior pest, including whiteflies, which are a major concern throughout the region. We can even handle any cockroaches in Palm Beach County

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Palm Beach County Pest Control
Top-Rated Palm Beach County Pest Control
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We Offer Whitefly Control, Mosquito Control, Rodent Control, and Ant Control Palm Beach County

There are several reasons expert pest control is needed for whitefly control. These pests quickly build up resistance to chemical extermination treatments, but we have solutions that work at Florida Environmental. Whiteflies attack ornamentals and are common in greenhouses. Some of the plants that often fall victim to whiteflies are poinsettias, hibiscus, geraniums, and fuchsia. There are different kinds of whiteflies but they are all small, four-winged, and white in color. The larvae are oval, flat, pale-green to yellow, and tiny. They are always found on the underside of leaves. The larvae suck the sap from plants. Contact pest control Palm Beach County if you see leaves covered with a coating of sticky, sweet honeydew material or fungus that is sooty-colored, which tends to completely cover the foliage. The leaves of plants infested with whiteflies will begin to look less healthy and then wilt, yellow, and die. With Florida Environmental handling your pest control Palm Beach County, you can be assured of landscaping that is free of these pests. The following is more information about the sweet potato whitefly, fig whitefly, and spiraling whitefly, all of which we can get rid of and then keep away from your plants.

Sweet Potato Whitefly Pest Control Palm Beach County

Sweet potato whiteflies are also referred to as the “silverleaf whitefly.” They are common in Florida and usually target vegetable crops and cotton. An adult sweet potato whitefly is about 2 to 3 mm in length and its body is covered in fine, waxy, white particles. An easy way to recognize sweet potato whiteflies is that they flutter up and then settle back on leaves when the host plant is rustled. Halt damage caused by these insects by contacting Florida Environmental for pest control .

Palm Beach County Pest Control
Top-Rated Palm Beach County Pest Control
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Fig Whitefly & Spiraling Whitefly

Trees and ficus hedges are targeted by fig whiteflies. The plants begin dropping leaves until they are bare, as a result of whitefly infestations. If you spot white eggs on the backside of leaves, contact us, to get your hedges back in good health.

The largest and most aggressive type of whitefly is the spiraling whitefly. This type of infestation is easy to spot because of dusty looking white spiraling patterns on the bottoms of leaves. Don’t hesitate to call us at Florida Environmental Pest Management for pest control Palm Beach County, if you have a whitefly infestation or if you are ready for the best in pest control management in South Florida.

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So if you are looking for an exterminator near me in Palm Beach County, then look no further. If you have an active pest infestation or think there is a possibility of one, don’t wait, contact us today at and let us put our expertise to work for you. You can also call us as well at (561) 689-8911 if you simply want to protect your home from an invasion of common pests such as Ants, Termites, Roaches, Spiders, Rats, Mice, Fleas, and Ticks. At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we offer quality Palm Beach County Pest Control and Termite Control Services that are effective and affordable. Call or click today to learn more.

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