Pest Control Tequesta

Pest control Tequesta can be scheduled with highly trained technicians at Florida Environmental Pest Management at 561-220-4080. In addition to providing guaranteed interior and exterior pest control, we also provide personalized lawn care treatment. Our solutions are pet-friendly, kid-friendly and eco-friendly.

Lawn Care Treatment & Pest Control Tequesta

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A lush green lawn is rewarding for every homeowner, and keeping a healthy lawn requires proper lawn care treatment in addition to pest control. There’s no way to go on auto-pilot in the upkeep of the lawn, unless, of course, you call us at Florida Environmental Pest Management for ongoing, effective services. We provide fertilization services and lawn spraying of the highest quality, in addition to all of your lawn care needs.
No two lawns in South Florida are exactly the same. Only our brand of personalized lawn care treatment can achieve top results. During an initial inspection for lawn and pest control, our trained professionals will conduct an evaluation of your lawn and ornamentals, to determine the most effective program for lawn care treatment. We have all of the best products and equipment, which will yield beautiful, guaranteed results in your lawn.

To really understand the level of care we can provide your lawn at Florida Environmental Pest Management, you need to know that our technicians receive extensive training with regard to applying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to South Florida lawns. Included in the specialized training is learning to identify many varieties of grass and plants and how to keep them healthy. Our technicians assess problems that may exist, such as weeds and destructive insects. Overall treatment is provided according to the specifics of your lawn. Pest control is typically needed in conjunction with lawn care.

Interior Pest Control Tequesta

The most common pests that infest your South Florida home are ants, roaches, spiders, and silverfish. More about these pests follows:

  • You will want to call for pest control if you have carpenter ants in your home but not because they destroy wood or bite. This variety of ants is a real nuisance because the ants typically seek out food sources indoors. They are small and will make their way inside if they can find spilled juice or any type of food.
  • Roaches are probably the most hated of all bugs. These creatures deserve their awful reputation. They eat food in South Florida kitchens, contaminating them with droppings. They shed casings and waste, which can significantly aggravate asthma and other lung problems. Roaches are both prolific breeders and difficult to kill. Contact your reliable pest control at Florida Environmental Pest Management to get rid of roaches.
  • There are many varieties of spiders in South Florida, including widow spiders and recluse spiders. Other biting spiders can cause seriousallergic reactions, as well. Pest control Tequesta provided by our highly trained technicians can put an end to spider problems.
  • Silverfish are also common insects that can give anyone the creeps. They are light gray and have many appendages. Silverfish feed on materials in the home that contain sugar, starch, and protein. The only good thing about silverfish is that they develop slowly. Left untreated, however, the problem can be more difficult to get under control.

Contact Florida Environmental Pest Management at 561-220-4080 for interior and exterior pest control as well as for all of your lawn needs.

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