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Need to call your local Royal Palm Beach Pest Control and Termite Control service company? Do you have a roach infestation  If you’ve come into your kitchen late at night and turned on the light only to watch bugs scatter away, then you certainly do. But, not all roach infestations have this same characteristic quality. The key to getting rid of cockroaches is to recognize the symptoms of having them in your home and eliminating them before they become a problem.

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The first thing to note about cockroaches is that there are several different types. While it is possible to become infested by any one of these strains, the most common type to find in your home is the German cockroach. This is because they have adapted to living alongside humans very well and are prolific breeders, making an infestation almost guaranteed once they have established entry into your home. When German cockroaches are present, until their numbers become so large that they have to forage out of the shadows for food, odds are you won’t see any bugs themselves. However, there are signs to look out for. These include the presence of coffee ground like residues on your counters behind your appliances (like your microwave and coffeemaker). These same residues will be present in areas where water is accessible. Cockroaches want to find dark, warm areas that are close to water sources. This is why they are commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom. You will often notice signs of their presence around your refrigerator, your microwave, etc. You may also notice egg sacs that are dropped by breeding females once the reproductive cycle is established. These are cream to grayish colored cylinders. If you see these, an infestation is well underway and calling an exterminator or pest control professional is a must.

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The biggest thing to understand about German cockroaches is that home treatments are simply not effective. They have the ability to quickly become immune to various pesticides, especially those that are overused and have not completely killed out colonies, such as those sold over the counter, making the hiring of a qualified Pest Control service like our Pest Control and Termite Control Services a must. We have the ability to quickly identify the species of roach that you have in your home, eliminate the entire colony effectively and then create a barrier that prevents your home from becoming infested again. We have been providing effective roach elimination and control solutions in Palm Beach County for many years and have quickly become recognized as the leading provider of Pest Control and Termite Control Services. Whether you are currently having issues with a roach infestation, want to prevent a future infestation or have other pest control needs, Florida Environmental Pest Management, your Royal Palm Beach Pest Control and Termite Control Services can help. We offer a proven, three step pest identification, elimination and prevention process that allows us to get rid of pests and prevent future infestations in an effective, responsible manner. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (561) 220-3943 and free your home and lawn from ants, termites, roaches, spiders, rats, mice, fleas, and ticks.

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