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Pest Control The Acreage

The Acreage Pest Control and Termite Control you can call to remove unwanted pests. Pests – the word sort of sounds like what it is. Pesky, irritating, in the way – pests. When termites, which are pests on a whole other level, and other pests make a place in your home and start to flourish, you are sometimes going to feel like you are fighting a losing battle. Getting rid of pests and termites once they have taken up residence can be much harder than you might think. You need to be aware of what kind of pests there are – what species to be exact. For a good example – did you know there are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes? Those flying pests can drive us up the wall when all we are trying to do is grill our steaks or mow the yard. With that many species around, you need to know which are prevalent so you know which kind of treatments to use to be rid of them. Pests, unfortunately, are not a one size fits all type of critter. You have to tailor your removal plan to fit the kind of pests you have in order to be successful.

Top-Rated The Acreage Pest Control

The Acreage Pest Control

We know that searching for a good exterminator near me The Acreage can be time-consuming. So when you are thinking about getting rid of awful pests, stop what you are doing and call the experts at Florida Environmental Pest Management in The Acreage. No matter what kind of pests or termites you might have living in your indoor environment and the area around your home, Florida Environmental can make them go away – most of the time, for good. Making a plan that gets your pest problem under control is the first thing they will do with you when they come to survey your problem. The expert pest management individuals from Florida Environmental Pest Management will completely assess your property and find out what true problems you might have. We have years of experience with pest control which makes us one of the best exterminators The Acreage has to offer. The program to rid you of those pests will be comprehensive as well – speaking to all of your problem creatures and how they will combat them.

We Offer Mosquito Control, Rodent Control, and Ant Control The Acreage

Once we have correctly identified the pests that are driving you crazy in your own home, our technicians will work to eliminate those creatures so you won’t have any pest problems. At some point in this treatment, you are going to enjoy a pest-free environment again. Your home will be the safe haven you always want it to be and your pets and family won’t be slapping or scratching anymore. What a relief that is going to be. Once your pests have been eliminated from your home, Florida Environmental’s The Acreage Pest Control and Termite Control Service experts will lay down a barrier to the pests that have plagued you so they won’t cross that perimeter again. So if you need anything from mosquito control to ant control, or if you have cockroaches in The Acreage, then give us a call today!

Reliable, guaranteed pest control The Acreage is available at Florida Environmental Pest Management. We provide top quality lawn care, whitefly control, interior pest control, and termite control. Our customer service is unsurpassed in South Florida largely because of our dedication to communication; we always let you know what we have treated in your yard and home and why. Our products are eco-friendly, and they are specifically designed for the needed treatments in your home and/or lawn.

Lawn Care

Pest control The Acreage is necessary, to keep a lawn in top condition. Lawn spraying and fertilization are necessary to keep grass healthy. At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we use a custom blend of fertilizers that promote root health and plant growth without doing harming to people, pets, or the environment. Because every lawn is unique, we tailor every lawn treatment to meet the specific spraying needs of each of our clients. In addition, we provide ongoing maintenance that assures long-term health. We offer completely customizable plans, with monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service. We like to say that with pest control from Florida Environmental Pest Management, the grass is always greener.

Whitefly Control

Whitefly infestations are common problems experienced by homeowners throughout Florida. Many who call for pest control need help getting rid of destructive whiteflies. There are various species of the bug, including the sweet potato whitefly and the spiral whitefly. The sweet potato whitefly, for instance, is also called the “Ficus Whitefly.” An adult’s wing span is about 2 to 3 mm. Their wings are yellowish in color, and their bodies are covered with white, fine, waxy particles. Like all whiteflies, they suck nutrients out of plants and leave behind damaging honeydew secretions.

One of the biggest challenges with whiteflies is that they are resistant to chemicals. Nonetheless, when your pest control is with Florida Environmental Pest Management, you can count on us getting rid of the pests and keeping them away.

The Acreage Pest Control and Termite Control
The Acreage Pest Control and Termite Control
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Interior Pest Control The Acreage

We use an eco-friendly baiting system for interior pest control. You don’t need to worry about odorous, harsh chemicals after your home has been treated by Florida Environmental Pest Management.

As part of our baiting system:

  • Dry products are applied to your attic and in walls;
  • Granular baits are applied on the home exterior, to help keep insects out; and
  • A liquid barrier is placed around the house to prevent any insects from re-infesting the home after there has been initial service.

Termite Control

Termites are always bad news. Call pest control The Acreage without delay, if you spot any signs of termite damage. As they eat through wood, these insects can undermine your home’s very foundation. We offer effective no-tent fumigation at Florida Environmental Pest Management, which provides numerous advantages to homeowners, such as:

  • No need to temporarily move out of your home.
  • You can keep flowers and plants where they are.
  • No need to trim back trees or shrubs.
  • No risk of roof damage.
  • No need to disconnect antennas or satellites.
  • No worries about uncanned foods, medications, or cosmetics that aren’t sealed.

Whatever your needs for top-quality pest control, contact us today at Florida Environmental Pest Management.

formosan termite

Termite control The Acreage is something every homeowner in South Florida should be diligent about. You can actually rest easy and leave termite prevention, control, and extermination to us. At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we offer effective termite treatments that will protect your home from ravenous wood-eating insects. Termite control The Acreage is a necessity.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatments

Termites cause more than $500 million in damage to Florida homes every year. It is a legal mandate that all new buildings receive pre-construction treatment. Many construction contractors regularly rely on our services for pre-construction termite control. We have an effective, comprehensive approach to combating subterranean termites. A liquid treatment is applied before the slab is poured. We also apply follow-up treatments through various stages of the construction process. Our lifetime bond for a property helps homeowners rest easy, knowing they are protected against a termite infestation.

Termite Prevention

Treatments before and during construction are just the beginning of achieving successful termite control. Our goal for pest prevention is twofold: 1. Create an environment that is unpleasant to termites, to deter them from entering your home. 2. Remove potential attractants in an around the home. Homeowners can also contribute to the effort to keep termites away. The following are recommended actions to help prevent a termite infestation. What they all do is make your structures less attractive and/or accessible to wood-eating insects: • Make sure the soil around your home’s foundation stays dry. Drainage and proper grading are needed, along with upkeep of downspouts and gutters. • Always fix leaks without delay. • Termites will often gain access through openings in a home. Fill cracks in concrete foundations and in places where utilities enter the walls. Materials needed may include grout, caulk, and/or cement. • Do not store or pile wood debris or firewood next to your home. Another essential component of termite control is to schedule regular inspections. Our technicians are highly trained. They know what to look for, to determine whether termites of various kinds may be compromising the wooden components of your home.

No-Tent Termite Control The Acreage

When termite infestations are discovered, it becomes critical to have immediate treatments for extermination and termite control. Many companies use tent fumigation. The associated hassles are intrusive. You need to move out of your home temporarily, for instance. No living thing can remain in the home, including pets and plants, during the treatment. Various common household items must be specially bagged, to protect them from the toxic fumes. No-tent fumigation provided by Florida Environmental Pest Management provides numerous benefits. You don’t need to move out of your home; you don’t need to remove cosmetics, medications, or un-canned foods; there is no risk of damage to your roof; and there is no need to disconnect antennas. Our products are safe for people, pets, and the environment. Our method of eliminating termites is just as effective as tent fumigation but without all the bother. We have been providing reliable pest control services for more than 30 years. Contact Florida Environmental Pest Management today for termite control The Acreage.

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When you combine the barrier with the elimination of pests in the home, you have a better than average chance of not experiencing a new outbreak anytime soon. Stop searching for pest control near me The Acreage and give us a call today. Florida Environmental works with you for a maintenance plan that you can live with which will ensure that those pesky pests aren’t the only thing you think about. Since they will be gone, you’ll be having fun in your outdoor world at the pool, on the deck, around the front porch – anywhere will be a great place when it is pest free. Just call Florida Environmental Pest Management today at (561) 689-8911.

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