Ficus Whitefly

Ficus Whitefly Appearance

The Ficus Whitefly is a small fly that measures less than 1/8” in length.  They have white wings and their bodies are tinted with a bit of yellow.

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

The Ficus Whitefly, also referred to as the Fig Whitefly, is usually located underneath the leaves of plants.  They will fly away from the plant, if the plant is disturbed by a person or by an animal.  The female fly will lay her eggs on the surface of the leaf, and the hatched nymphs will feed on the surrounding leaves.

The best way to tell if you have an infestation of Whiteflies, is to notice Ficus hedges and Ficus trees that look damaged.  The leaves of the Ficus plant may turn yellow, or the leaves may disappear altogether.  The White Fly will drain the plant sap completely out of the plant leaves, causing significant damage to the plant itself.

Treatment For Whitefly’s

No one wants Whitefly’s, especially if you have great ficus hedges like the Palm Beaches are known for. Early detection of Whiteflies is very important, because the earlier the pest is treated, the better the chance of survival for the affected plant or plants.  Insecticides are very effective for ridding your property of the invasive Ficus Whitefly.  Many property owners decide to use insecticide on Ficus plants that don’t even show signs of the Ficus Whitefly.  This is done for preventative purposes.

Ficus Whitefly