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Whitefly Control

What Is Whitefly?

Whiteflies are small flying insects that attack various types of plant material as well as trees. They lay their eggs on the undersides of the leaves. As the eggs develop, they absorb nutrients from the plant causing leaves to drop, color to fade and the plant to stress. There are two major types of whiteflies that you will see in South Florida:

  • Fig Whitefly aka Ficus Whitefly
    • Infest ficus hedges and trees. They will also infest banyan trees (in the ficus family).
    • If left untreated, there will be no leaves left on the hedges or trees.
  • Spiraling Whitefly
    • Attacks various types of trees including coconut palms, gumbo limbos, alexander palms, christmas palms and many more.
    • If left untreated, they will slowly absorb nutrients out of the fronds and leaves resulting in color loss and health decline in the tree.
    • You will also notice a lot of black sap falling from the infected tree. This is called black sooty mold and honey dew. It is the feces and a mold that grows over  top of the feces of the spiraling white fly.
  • Sweet Potato Fly
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Our Treatment Methods

100% Guaranteed Whitefly Control

At Florida Environmental, we treat more residential & commercial ficus hedges and trees than any other pest control company in South Florida. We know how to control whitefly and what it takes to keep them away from your landscape. Frequency of whitefly services are imperative for proper control. Our treatment methods consist of:

  • Granular Applications
  • Liquid Drench Applications
  • Foliar Applications
  • Systemic Injections
  • Basil Bark Applications

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