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Interior Insect Control

There are many different types of interior insects West Palm Beach that can infest the inside of your home. At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we eliminate your home of all pests in a safe and ECO friendly way. Click on the picture of the insect that you would like to learn more about.

bug-ants | eco friendly pest controlAnts: Ants are the number one insects that you will find in most homes in West Palm Beach and all of South Florida. They are active year round, especially during the rainy season. Although there are many types of ants that can infest your home. The most common ant you will find are ghost ants (sugar ants). All ants have a 3-segmented body and 3 pairs of legs. They live in colonies so with Florida Environmental’s Revolutionary Baiting System, you will rid your home of all ant colonies helping with any future outbreaks without ever spraying chemicals in your home.
Bed Bugs | eco friendly pest controlBed Bugs: Bed Bugs are reddish-brown and have no wings. They are oval shaped and are very thin. This helps with hiding in small crevices. Bed Bugs are active year round and mostly at night. They can hide in many different places so treatment must be extensive and thorough.
Bees | eco friendly pest controlBees: Bees are very common in West Palm Beach. Most colonies are very obvious to locate. There is only one queen per hive so to eliminate the colony, it is necessary toeliminate the Queen. At Florida Environmental, we recommend highly that no pesticides be used against bees since they are so beneficial to our environment. Relocation, by a professional beekeeper or removal service, is always our highest recommendation .
Beetles | eco friendly pest controlBeetles : Beetles are the most common insects in the world. The most common beetles that may infest your home are grain and flour beetles (pantry pests). These insects are usually brought in with any types of food that contain grain or flour. Florida Environmental has a food safe plan to rid your home of these pests.
Fleas | eco friendly pest controlFleas : Fleas are reddish-brown insects that are most commonly known for infesting dogs and cats in your home. They are blood-sucking insects and must have a blood meal to live and reproduce. Flea’s life cycles are usually 30-75 days before full completion and they reproduce very aggressively without treatment. As part of our treatment program, we will work closely with you to ensure all animals are treated properly while we treat your home and that elimination of this pest is swift and effective.
flies | eco friendly pest controlFlies : There are thousands of different flies that can be infesting the inside of your home. The most common are houseflies, drain flies, fruit flies, and mosquitos (yes mosquitos are flies!). There are many different effective treatment options for treating various types of flies.
Roaches | eco friendly pest controlRoaches : Roaches are runner up to the most common insect infesting West Palm Beach homes. There are many different types of roaches but the most common are german roaches, american roaches, asian roaches and brown banded roaches. Roaches carry various diseases that can be detrimental to your health. Florida Environmental uses an ECO friendly Revolutionary Baiting System to rid your home completely of roaches without every having to spray on the inside of your home.
Scorpions | eco friendly pest controlScorpions : It is very uncommon to find Scorpions inside your home. Although they are rare, they can still cause harm, since some are very poisonous. If found in your home, call Florida Environmental immediately to rid your home of this potentially dangerous problem.
Silverfish | eco friendly pest controlSilverfish : Silverfish are light grey and have many appendages. They may cause damage in the home by eating foods or other materials that are high in protein, sugar, or starch. They develop slowly but can become an issue if left untreated.
Spiders | eco friendly pest controlSpiders : Spiders are usually the most feared pests. All spiders have eight legs and vary greatly on appearance. There are various ways to treat spiders but each case is varied depending on the type of spider at hand. Florida Environmental can apply dusts to attics and wall voids eliminating any spiders in the house. All of this is done without any smelly chemicals being applied to the inside of the home.
Ticks | eco friendly pest controlTicks : Ticks are common in the West Palm Beach area, infesting animals such as dogs and cats but some are also known for feeding on humans. Ticks are actually not insects but are closely related to spiders. Ticks will infest the inside of homes hiding in furniture and various other objects. It is very important that ticks are treated in a timely manner. Some ticks carry various diseases such as lyme disease which can be very harmful to humans.
Wasps | eco friendly pest controlWasps : Wasps often build nests around homes. They will sting and can cause a painful reaction. All wasp treatments are included in each one of Florida Environmental Pest Management’s pest control programs. We will spray the nest killing all wasps on contact and then remove the nest to prevent future use of the site.