Sweet Potato Whitefly

Sweet Potato Whitefly Information


The Sweet Potato Whitefly is very small, approximately 1/25” in length.  They have white wings, that are covered with a white, waxy powdery substance, and their bodies are a light-yellow color.  Their small eyes are red in color.

Location and Behavior Patterns:

The female Sweet Potato Whitefly will lay her eggs on the underside of plant leaves.  The eggs are white in color, and then they turn brown, just prior to hatching.  Once hatched, the young nymphs will feed on the leaf, or leaves, in close proximity.  The Sweet Potato Whiteflies can be very harmful and destructive to plants and crops.  They are especially attracted to plants, such as; the sweet potato, watermelon, cucumber, fig, lettuce, guava, pepper, squash, and a wide selection of many other plant types.

A sign of an infestation of this type of Whitefly can be seen by wilting or yellowing plants, as well as plants that look severely damaged.


The Sweet Potato Whitefly is really resilient, and can be very difficult to control or rid your property of them.  Insecticides are effective at treating this type of Whitefly; however, finding the right type of insecticide is crucial.  Your pest control technician has many recommendations for the best way to control this destructive pest.

Sweet Potato Whitefly