Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow Information


The Black Widow is approximately ¾” in length.  They are glossy black in color and they have a distinguishable red “hourglass” mark on the underside of their round abdomens.

Black Widow

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Black Widows may be found outdoor or indoors.  They tend to spin their webs in places that are secluded and protected, and they also find spots where they can find plenty of other insects to eat.  When outside, they are often located under things that provide protection for them, such as; underneath piles of wood or mulch.  They sometimes create webs that are low to the ground, and their webs have a distinctive scaffold-like appearance.  If found indoors, they are often found among piles of clutter, or in garage areas or basements.

Black Widows are dangerous to people , because a bite from a Black Widow can result in great pain and cramping, which may last for several days.  If you suspect a bite from a Black Widow or any other spider, wash the area thoroughly and visit your doctor, if you feel the need is urgent.


Regular inspections and regular treatment is recommended by pest professionals.  It is also important to protect yourself with gloves and appropriate clothing, if working in cluttered areas that may be a great harboring spot for a Black Widow. 

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