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By Ethan
calendar-icon January 9, 2017

Understand the Reasons There’s a Fear of Insects

Having a fear of insects isn’t unusual – many people suffer from it and there’s an official name: entomophobia. There are many reasons that people are scared of insects, and a lot of them make sense. There are varying degrees of it too, from being afraid to touch to being too terrified to stay in the same room as an insect for fear of it coming closer or touching you.


The word entomophobia is derived from Greek, with entomos meaning insect and phobias meaning fear. Put together, and it literally translates into having a fear of inspects. A phobia is a strong fear, which can be overpowering. Fear is usually linked into a strong feeling of revolt or disgust.

Insects tend to invoke feelings of disgust due to the fact they’re so different from human beings. It can be something as simple as the amount of legs that they have or their coloring. If you have a fear of insects and you find them in your house, you can use a professional insect removal service to remove them for you.  One professional service, Florida Environmental Pest Management, is an eco-friendly pest management company that can help eliminate insects from your home. Whether they are roaches, bed bugs, spiders, wasps or ants, there’s a pest control management solution specialized for your home.

Environmental Factors

People who suffer from a fear of insects usually find themselves blaming other environmental reactions on them. For example, if they have a skin allergy or something agitates their condition, they may start to believe that they’re being bitten by something and that they’re infested. This makes their fear much worse and can end up with them becoming obsessed with the idea.

Believing there to be an infestation can be detrimental to mental health. Luckily there are professional services and pest management companies such as Florida Environmental Pest Management that can come out and do home inspections which can help put minds to rest. They’ll be able to determine if there’s a problem and help you avoid one in the future.

Medical Conditions

People who have mental health issues, such as anxiety, can find themselves suffering more from entomophobia, especially because the mind can become an enemy and make them believe there’s something there when there isn’t and make them scared. Mental health, and even seeing something distressing or stressful, can trigger a fear of inspects or make it worse.

If you are worried about these creepy crawlies in your home, then contact Florida Environmental Pest Management, the pest control professionals that can offer services such as pest and insect control and prevention to ensure you never have to come face to face with your insect fear.

Social Isolation

There has been talks that many people who suffer from a fear of insects tend to live alone. This can make them more scared, as if they find an insect in the home they have no option to either let it roam or deal with it themselves. Luckily, no one has to deal with them alone if you get the help of an insect management company such as Florida Environmental Pest Management that can remove them for you.

People who isolate themselves can find that they fixate more on problems and start to believe there are issues where they aren’t, and makes them form relationships with people who can ease their minds, such as doctors and insect exterminators.

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