Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse Information


The Brown Recluse is usually about 5/8” in length.  They are light brown in color and they have a leg length of about 1 ½” in diameter.

Brown Recluse

Location and Behavior Patterns:

The Brown Recluse is one of the most poisonous house spiders, and a bite from one of these pests can result in a trip to the doctor’s office for some people.  If left untreated, a bite may become infected, and can result in skin tissue damage, so if you suspect a bite from a Brown Recluse, keep an eye on it, and treat accordingly.  The Brown Recluse is not an aggressive spider, but will bite if it is felt threatened.

This type of spider tends to stay in areas where it is left unbothered, but where it can find other insects for food.  It can be found indoors or outdoors, and is often located in places, such as in a garage, a basement, or in a crawl space. 


There are liquid treatments that are targeted towards the Brown Recluse, as well as other house spiders, too.  Regular inspection and regular treatment are the best way to manage this pest.  It is also important to limit the number of places that will attract the Brown Recluse, such as bedding or clothes that are left on the floor, and the buildup of an abundance of insects in the dwelling. 


How Common Are Brown Recluse Bites In Florida?

Brown recluse spiders are uncommon outside their natural habitat, although you can find them all over Florida. In general, reports of these spiders are significantly exaggerated and much less prevalent than people think. Although brown recluse spiders are dangerous due to their venom, not all bites from these spiders result in big necrotic lesions in which the surrounding tissue is killed.

What Is The Most Venomous Spider In Florida?

The most toxic spiders in Florida are the widow spiders, except for the year-round breeding Northern Black Widow. If a spider bites someone, they should apply an alcohol solution to the affected region.

How Big Are Florida Brown Recluses?

The species, which is indigenous to America, is small and has a growing range of 0.24–0.79 inches. Brown recluse spiders have been introduced to Florida even though they are not native.

How Do You Get Rid Of Brown Recluse Spiders?

Insecticides. An insecticide is the best way to get rid of brown recluse spiders. If there is an infestation, some brown recluses, particularly egg-laying females, will always be able to resist sticky spider baits and diatomaceous earth.

What Does A Brown Recluse Bite Look Like?

The bite area becomes soft and red about 3-8 hours afterward. The bite site feels like it’s on fire. The color of the bite site changes and may look like a bullseye or be bruised and bluish.

What To Do If You See A Brown Recluse In Your House?

Try the following if you see a brown recluse in your house

  • Clean your house and environment
  • Spray the house with spider repellent
  • Apply essential oils
  • Spread some diatomaceous earth
  • Use some glue traps
  • Make use of brown recluse insecticide
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