American Cockroach

American Cockroach

Appearance:  American cockroaches are big; they are about 2 inches long at full maturity.  They are actually the biggest cockroach in Florida.  (They have even been given the comical nickname of the “Florida State Bird”).  They are dark brown or black in color, and usually have a bit of yellow on top of their head.

Location and Behavior Patterns:  The American cockroach is nocturnal and will usually be spotted at night, while they are searching for food and water.  They will eat almost anything, but are attracted to things like starch, meat, sugar, and trash.  They adore areas that are warm and moist and can be found outside in places, such as underneath mulch or around the base of trees.  They are also noticed in sewers, crawl spaces, basements, and steam tunnels.

Treatment:  American cockroaches often scare people, because of their large size and because they can fly.  Besides being scary, they are also harmful to people because they carry bacteria and many germs.  Some of the more common illnesses that can be acquired from the residue of this pest, include; E. coli, Salmonella, and Streptococcus.

Regular inspections and treating their (hidden) resting spots are the best treatment for the American cockroach.  A professional will treat any place where the roach may be located, such as in the attic, the crawl space, and around your home where cracks in construction may be present.

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