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Silverfish Information


Silverfish are approximately ½”-3/4” long.  True to their name, they are silver in color, and they tend to move in a similar way that a fish would move, with just a little wiggle.

Their bodies are tapered and soft, and they are covered with tiny scales along their body.  They also have long antennae at the top of their head.

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Silverfish are present year-round in the South Florida region.  They are typically located in attics or in basements, stored inside a variety of items.  They are attracted to dead insects, glue, starch, paper products, and crumbs.  They may also be spotted in moist areas, such as in bathroom, too.  They are a nocturnal pest, and are rarely seen during the day, because they have a strong aversion to light.

They can be very destructive to fabric, paper, and other soft items, as they feed on these products.  Hence, they can be quite destructive to items within a home.  Silverfish and most pests are not considered dangerous to humans.


Insecticides are effective on this nuisance pest.  Also, preventative measures, such as storing foods and paper products in plastic containers, with tight-fitting lids, will help to limit a Silverfish infestation.