Florida’s hot and humid climate brings around some creepy crawlies. And, some of them can cause an array of problems. The Bufo toad is one of them, and calling wildlife control in West Palm Beach is the way to keep you and your furry friends safe. Read to learn more:

What is a Bufo Toad?

A Bufo toad, also known as a marine toad, giant toad, or cane toad, is a large amphibian. They are a grey-brown color and have slightly yellow bellies. This toad is not native to Florida, but the climate has made it easy for them to create a healthy population.

Why are Bufo Toads Dangerous?

Bufo toads are extremely poisonous. As a defense mechanism, they release a milky white venom from their shoulders. So, when they feel threatened, they release this. They may feel threatened by small children, dogs, and cats. With the biggest danger to animals, one lick can kill a dog or cat if not treated immediately.

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How to Recognize Bufo Toad Poisoning?

Bufo toad poisoning is fairly obvious to recognize. And, it needs to be treated immediately, or your affected animal will die. During or after a walk or time outside, if there is profuse salivation or drooling, lack of coordination or struggle to walk, or seizures, your pet should be taken to the nearest vet immediately.

Are You in Need of Wildlife Control in West Palm Beach?

Bufo toads can be dangerous, but they’re not the only species that can cause issues here in Florida. If you’re in need of wildlife control in West Palm Beach, contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.