Pillbug Information


Also known as the “Rolly Polly”, the Pillbug is approximately ½” long and is slate gray in color.  It resembles an armadillo, with its’ segmented, armored appearance, and its’ distinctive, curved shape.


Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Pillbugs are harmless to humans.  They are often a source of amusement for some people, as they roll into a small ball, instantly, when they are touched or poked, or when they feel threatened, they will do this, too.  They are most active in the evening hours, but may be seen during the day, also. 

Pillbugs and Occasional Invaders feed on matter that is decaying, such as vegetation or trash, and they are typically found in areas that are dark, damp, and protected.  Common places to find them include; underneath piles of mulch, under the soil, within potted plants, or under piles of brush.  If found indoors, which is rare, they will typically be in the basement or in the crawlspace.


Heavy infestations of Pillbugs can be treated with insecticide.  Since they are a harmless pest, and can actually be a beneficial addition to a flower bed, many people choose to leave them alone.  In order to prevent them from getting indoors, preventative measures are the best defense.  Things such as sealing all cracks around your home will help to keep them outside.

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