Millipedes Information


Millipedes are generally characterized by the many legs that can be found along their segmented body.  Although they do not actually have 1,000 legs, as you might assume, they do have a multitude of pairs of legs.  Millipedes are brown in color, and they average about ½”-3/4” in length.  They also have heads that are relatively small in size, in relation to the rest of their body.


Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Millipedes and Scorpions are usually found outdoors, underneath piles of brush, wood, mulch, leaves, or some other similar place that is dark, moist, and protected.  They are rarely located indoors, but if they are inside, then they are most likely in a cool, dark place, such as in a basement.

Millipedes and are not fast movers.  If they feel threatened, they will coil their bodies up into a ball, as a way to protect themselves.  They are not dangerous to humans, but they do have a bodily fluid that can cause an irritating rash on human skin.  This fluid can also cause permanent staining on some materials.


Insecticides are effective for getting rid of Millipede infestations.  Preventative measures are also recommended.  Things like sealing all cracks and crevices around your home will help to prevent them from getting indoors.  Cleaning up piles of debris in your yard will also help to prevent infestations around your property

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