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Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring Information


A Fairy Ring is noticeable by a dark, green ring that measures from a few inches in diameter to a couple of hundred feet in diameter.  The ring is usually dotted with mushrooms that grows around the circumference.  The mushrooms are easily removed by a lawnmower.

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Fairy Rings can be very harmful to your grass and to the roots of your grass blades.  They can also be very difficult to treat.  Thick thatch may lead to the development of Fairy Rings, as well as a lawn that is very dry and not very fertile.  This type of lawn disease is caused by basidiomycetes.

The name of this disease, “Fairy Ring” derives from an old folk tale, where some would say that the mushrooms that appear in a circle, are where fairies would dance during the nighttime hours.


As a preventative measure to prevent Fairy Rings from forming, aerate the soil of your lawn and ensure that all thatch is removed.  Fungicides do not seem very effective on Fairy Rings, so the best method of treatment involves; aerating, fertilizing, watering, and mowing your lawn on a regular basis.  A healthy lawn environment will help to prevent the development of Fairy Rings.

Fairy Ring