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By Ethan
January 27, 2017

Successful Mole Control and Removal Techniques for Your Lawn

Have you been walking through your yard and noticed mounds of dirt piled up, or soft spots under your feet? Are plants inexplicably dying off in your garden? If so, you could have a problem with moles. These creatures, though tiny in size, can do extensive damage to a landscape, not only making it unsightly, but potentially making it dangerous, too. If your landscape has been plagued by moles, here are some tips for mole control in lawns from Florida Environmental Pest Management.

Control Moles in Your Yard

There are a number of methods that can be employed to control moles in yards. The methods used will depend on your specific mole problem, including the number of these pests you have to contend with, as well as the extent of the damage they are creating. Tactics for mole control in lawns vary, and can include a treatment that is as simple as planting a castor oil mixture into the ground, using ole baits, or eliminating the pests that they feed on – grubs (which often take up residence in lawns and gardens) – with pesticides.

Mole Bait Solutions

Mole bait has been found to be one of the most effective solutions for mole control in lawns. There are several different types of baits, but they all work under the same premise; the bait is similar in the size and shape of the mole’s main source of food, grubs. The bait, however, is filled with a lethal dose of pesticide, which kills the mole, thus eliminating the source of those mole hills and mounds, as well as dead grass and plants. While this method of eliminating moles can be highly effective, many deem it inhumane. Fortunately, there are natural ways to eliminate moles in your lawn. A professional pest control company will be able to offer you various suggestions that are more human for eliminating these pests from your lawn.

Mole Tunnels

One of the tell-tale signs of the appearance of moles in your lawn is the tunnels that they leave behind. These tiny critters have powerful front paws, which they use to dig through the ground so that they can find their food. As their powerful paws dig through the ground, the push dirt and soil up and around them, leaving behind a tunnel. These tunnels are often visible, and they are almost always able to be felt. While walking over your lawn, for example, you may feel what appears to be ‘soft spots’ in the ground. These soft spots are a sure-fire sign that you have a mole problem. If you do experience these mounds, it is in your best interest to contact a professional pest control company to correct the issue as soon as possible. The longer moles are allowed to roam through your lawn, the more severe the problem will become. For that reason, hiring a professional pest control service to treat the issue is extremely important.

Professional Rodent Removal

If you really want to ensure the moles are removed from your yard, make sure that you choose an experienced and well-informed landscaper such as Florida Environmental Pest Management. A professional landscaper will have the skills and tools that are necessary to identify a mole problem and create a plan of action that will effectively treat it.

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