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The cat flea is small, about 1/8” in length.  It is dark, either brown or black in color, and it has a body that is flat in shape.  The flea is a blood-sucking pest, and when it is engorged with blood, it may have a red tint to it.


Location and Behavior Patterns:

The cat flea is very common.  They are attracted to domestic cats, as well as dogs and other mammals, too.  They are not found on people very often, but they will bite and sting a person, if they do have a chance.  Cat fleas will hide underneath the fur of a cat, or another animal, and will feed on the surface of the animal’s skin.  They may be visible with the naked eye, if you search along the skin of your cat, or you may see them as you move a flea comb along your cat’s fur. 

Cat fleas like Dog Flea can transmit tapeworms to your cat, or they can cause problems, such as anemia, for your cat.  They are also the cause of itching and stinging, and be very bothersome for your cat, or for your dog, too.


Preventative treatment for fleas is available for your cat, usually through your veterinarian.  Regular doses of flea repellent or using a flea-repellant shampoo, are a couple of ways to prevent your cat from attracting unwanted cat fleas.  Once an infestation has occurred within your home, your professional pest control expert can treat your home and your lawn for this bothersome pest.

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