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Dog Fleas

Dog Flea Information


Dog fleas are very small, about 1/8” in length.  They resemble the appearance of the cat fleas, but they may be a little lighter in color, usually brown or reddish-brown.  They have flat bodies.

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Dog fleas may be located on domestic dogs, as well as on cats, and on other furry animals, too.  These Fleas have strong back legs, which enables them to jump from host to host.  They may jump onto people, too, but they cannot survive for long on the skin of a person.  They will bite, and feed on the blood of their host, which causes itching and stinging.  A bite from a dog flea looks like a small red dot, and is often formed in a line across the surface of the skin.


Dog fleas can be difficult to get rid of, but persistence and early detection is very important.  For your family dog, prevention is your best defense, by using regular flea-repellent medications, usually prescribed by a veterinarian.  Flea repelling shampoo is also a strategy that may prove helpful, as well as inspecting your dog regularly, especially if he/she has been outdoors for an extended amount of time.

For flea infestations that have occurred in your home, or on your property, your pest control specialist can treat the affected area.

Dog Fleas