Q-Biotype Information


The Q-Biotype Whitefly is small.  This type of Whitefly has a light-yellow body and white wings.  The eggs of the Q-Biotype Whiteflies appear to be small white dots, typically located on the underside of leaves.


Location and Behavior Patterns:

The Q-Biotype Whitefly looks very similar to other species of Whiteflies.  In fact, identification can be tricky of this species, and may have to be sent to a lab for confirmation testing.  One bothersome fact about the Q-Biotype Whitefly is its’ ability to carry viruses from one plant to another plant.  This crop-killing pest can be very troublesome, especially for crop growers throughout Florida and elsewhere in the world.

The Q-Biotype Whitefly has grown in population, especially over the last couple of decades.  They are attracted to plants carrying vegetables, and can be very harmful to the plants.  They are also attracted to plants such as; Lantana, Hibiscus, Gerbera Daisies, Mandeville, Ivy, and Poinsettias.


Treating for this type of Whitefly is also tricky, because they seem to have built a tolerance for many types of insecticides.  One chemical though, called Rycar, has been effective at controlling this type of pest, especially when mixed with other types of insecticides.

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