Dampwood Termite

Dampwood Termite

Dampwood Termite Information


Dampwood termites are divided up into different groups, like most termites, but there is no real worker castes system with the Dampwood termite.  The queens and kings, along with the reproductives, are the larger of the species, and may be about ½”-5/8” in length.  They are dark brown in color.  The soldiers make up about 5% of the colony.  They have large heads, which allows them to block intruders, such as ants, from entering their space.  Because of their unusual shape, they are unable to feed themselves, and they rely on the nymphs to take care of the food source.  The nymphs are the smallest, and the lightest, of this species.

Dampwood Termite

Location and Behavior Patterns:

As you may grasp from their name, the Dampwood Termites thrive in wood that is damp.  They are often located in old tree stumps, in firewood piles, or in some other wooden structures that are excessively damp. Unlike Drywood Termite , they do not often invade a building structure, because the wood is not moist enough in that environment.  If a building has an ongoing leak or water problem, though, the Dampwood termite may decide to nest in that area.


The best form of treatment for this type of termite is to take preventative measures.  Remove, or seal, wood around your property that is overly damp.  The Dampwood termite will be affected by chemical treatment, provided by your pest control expert, when required.

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