drywood Termite

Drywood Termite

Drywood Termite Information


Drywood termites are light brown in color.  They are categorized into three different castes groups, but it is difficult to distinguish the differences between the castes with this type of termite.  The three castes are kings, queens, and soldiers.

drywood Termite

Location and Behavior Patterns:

The reproductive termites will swarm in the Spring and in early Summer, but this type of termite is a problem throughout Florida all year long.  In reference to their name, this type of termite is attracted to dry wood, and can be found anywhere where wood is present.  Drywood termites may be in wooden structures of your home, or in decking material, wooden fences and playground equipment, or even in furniture that is made of wood.

Drywood termites are one of the slowest moving termites, but they can do significant damage to a wooden structure.  They do not need soil, in order to survive.


Due to the significant destruction that Drywood termites may cause, preventative measures are recommended, as well as regular inspections from your pest-control specialist.  Considerations such as ensuring nail holes and cracks are sealed, sealing all exposed wood and window trims, and making sure all cracks around vents are sealed, too, will help.  Also, place piles of firewood or loose lumber far away from the perimeter of your home.  Direct treatment can be performed, once Drywood termites are identified.     

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