Norway Rat

Norway Rat

Norway Rat Information


The Norway Rat is very large, measuring approximately 6-9 inches in length, without including the length of their long tails.  The rats are usually brown, white a lighter-color on the abdomen.  They have dark, black eyes.

Norway Rat

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

This type of rat can be found throughout the United States, and when seen in Florida, will usually be around a water source, such as; a lake, a stream, a canal, or a swimming pool.  They are nocturnal and will not usually be seen during the day.  The Norway Rat is well-known, as it is the rat that spread the Bubonic Plague around during the Middle Ages. 

The rat is sometimes referred to as a “sewer rat”.  It burrows underground, or underneath structures, in order to find shelter and build their nests.  They are attracted to food, water, and shelter.


Norway Rats, like all rats, carry lots of bacteria and germs; therefore, it is very important to clean thoroughly, if you suspect a rat has been inside your building structure.  They can be very destructive to building materials, because they will chew on insulation, wood, electrical cables, and many other things.  If you suspect a rat problem on your property, then calling a professional to provide baits and/or traps is very important.    

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