Termites are nasty. And there’s no dancing around the damage they can cause. Lucky for your family and your home, termite treatment in West Palm Beach can be absolutely effective. A termite baiting system is one way to get rid of an infestation.

Why Are Termites Dangerous?

Termites can bite and sting you, but they’re not known to cause people or animals any more harm because they don’t carry disease. However, the presence of termites can lead to asthma and allergy issues. However, termites can destroy the integrity of your home. They tear through wood, which can lead to a weakened structure.

What is a Termite Baiting System?

A termite baiting system involves placing bait stations around the home. They contain bait that termites will feed on. They then share it with the rest of the colony, causing them to die. This causes the colony’s queen to die. After extermination, continued care is required to ensure prevention.

what is the best form of termite treatment in west palm beach?

What are the Benefits of Termite Baiting?

To begin, termites do not know that the bait is lethal when they come in contact. So, they immediately being eating it. This causes them to stop eating, reproducing, and ultimately, surviving. Baiting creates a ring around your house to discreetly and effective rid it of termites.

Are You Looking for Termite Treatment in West Palm Beach?

If you suspect they’ve made their way into your home, termite treatment in West Palm Beach is nothing to wait for. You need to contact the professionals immediately. So, contact us at Florida Environmental Pest Management to learn how our systems can help save your home.