Knowing how to identify a soldier termite in your house can mean the difference between preventing an infestation and dealing with a costly problem. What does a termite look like? Where do they live? How can I tell if I have termites? Here are a few tips to help you figure out if it is time to call Florida Environmental Pest Management to handle your termite problem.

Soldier Termite Infestation?

Termites live in nests, also called colonies. Within these colonies there are social tiers called castes. Soldier termites are responsible for the protection of the colony.

When the nest is disturbed soldier termites protect the colony by plugging any vulnerable areas of the nest with their bodies. During the process of protecting the colony sometimes you may see a soldier termite in your house. They mostly attack other intruders, like ants, by biting them. Soldier termites sometimes bite humans when handled, so be careful if you plan to pick one up.

Termites can be stopped using chemicals applied by professionals. It is imperative to use these chemicals as soon as possible to prevent the further spread of the colony.

If you find a soldier termite in your house you must take immediate action. Schedule a consultation with Florida Environmental Pest Management to assess the level of your infestation.

Identifying Soldier Termites

To identify a soldier termite in your house look for termites with elongated bodies, larger heads, and those that are red, light brown, or white in color.

It is easy to confuse a soldier termite with a worker termite. They are very similar in appearance, both can be reddish-brown or white.

Look for larger termites with bigger heads to distinguish soldier termites from workers. Another tell-tale sign is the distinct head shape.

Learn what soldier termites look like so that you can identify them in your home. Look for termites with darker heads and larger bodies to be sure they are soldier termites. Contact Florida Environmental Pest Management to rid your house of unwanted visitors.

Soldier Termite Damage

If you find a soldier termite in your home you will need to be worried about other members of their colony as well. Soldier termites do not actually eat wood, but they communicate to the worker termites that do.

If you notice problems like sagging wood floorboards, termite tunnels running up exterior structures, small holes in your drywall, or bubbling paint that is similar to water damage you may have a termite infestation.

Damage from termites can be irreversible. Try to catch termites early on by paying attention to wood that sounds hollow when tapped, mounds of what look like tiny wood pellets, and any wood damage that follows the pattern of the wood grain.

If you do find a soldier termite in your house call in the professionals immediately. Keep track of where you see evidence of the colony to point out to the professional.

Termite Inspection Services

Our trained staff of professionals can identify your termite problem, help to correct it, and prevent future termite infestations. There will not be a single soldier termite in your house by the end of a treatment plan with Florida Environmental Pest Management. Our experts use state of the art equipment and proven methods like IR thermometers, moisture meters, and termite detections systems to rid your home of the intruders and prevent a recurring infestation.