House mouse

House Mouse

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The house mouse is really small, especially when compared to other rodents.  They are about 5.5”-7.5” in length from end to tail.  They are distinguishable by their dark, almost black eyes and they are brown or gray in color.

House mouse

Location and Behavior Patterns:

House mice are typically nocturnal, and homeowners are most liking to see them when they have finagled their way indoors, in search of food.  A house mouse can fit through a tiny hole, about ¼” wide.  They have been known to enter a building through electrical line gaps, around holes in the attic, underneath a door with little weathering strip, and other small, unnoticeable holes in building materials. 

Once indoors, they will leave their fecal droppings as evidence of their presence, and they have also been known to chew through things, such as; cereal boxes, pasta boxes, cardboard, wood, electrical lines, and anything else that helps them keep their teeth sharp and allows them to reach a food source.  Like most mice, they carry many forms of bacteria and they can leave germs around that will make people sick; therefore, thoroughly cleaning after suspecting a mouse in your home is a very important thing to do.


Since mice can be found almost anywhere, it is important to perform preventative measures, in order to keep them outside of your home or business.  This can be done by sealing up small gaps in your building and limiting food sources for them to savor.  If you suspect a house mouse problem, then a professional can set baits for mouse prevention.

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