Deer Mice

Deer Mice Information


Deer Mice are very small, about 1-3 inches in length, without the addition of their tail. They are light brown, or reddish brown, in color, and are distinguishable by having
completely white feet and white underbellies. Their eyes are large and dark black and they have unusually large ears.


Location and Behavior Patterns:

Like most rodents, Deer Mice are nocturnal. They have very good hearing and eyesight; therefore, they are not often in places where people are present. If they find their way into your home, they will most likely be found in secluded areas, such as in the basement or in the attic. They tend to create their nests high above the ground, in tree holes or in piles of timber, or they may burrow into the ground, too.

Deer Mice can be a problem in abandoned buildings, such as in vacation homes, sheds, or in barns, as well as in fields throughout Florida. They are carriers of germs and  bacteria, and they are especially known for carrying a virus called Hantavirus. This illness can be dangerous to humans, so professionals recommend that you do no touch Deer Mice bodies or feces, without
proper protective equipment.


Due to the physical threat that Deer Mice pose for people, it is recommended that you let the professionals take care of a Deer Mice infestation or a suspension that you have Deer Mice around your property. With adequate baits and traps, the experts can take care of
this project for you.

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