Sawtooth Grain Weevil

Sawtooth Grain Weevil

Sawtooth Grain Weevil Information


Sawtooth Grain weevils are small, about 1/10” in length.  They are brown to brownish-red in color, and they have 6 distinctive “saw-like” projections that protrude from the sides of their thorax.

Sawtooth Grain Weevil

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

The type of weevil is one of the most common pests that can found in dry foods within a home, in a warehouse, or in a grocery store. Most of them are attracted to processed grains, oats, cereals, seeds, pet foods, bird food, and so on.  A female Sawtooth Grain weevil can lay approximately 285 eggs at one time.  These larvae will then eat their way through the foods that in close proximity to them.  This cycle can occur several times a year.  Due to the size of their population, they can do a lot of damage to dry foods.  They can also affect several foods that are stored closely together, which can make an infestation a widespread problem.


The best treatment is to provide preventative measures against the Sawtooth Grain weevil.  Regular inspections of dried foods are very important, as well as disposing of affected items properly, once an infestation has been detected.  Cleaning the affected area is also a very important step, because you must ensure that all larvae of this weevil are completely gone, in order to prevent the cycle from occurring all over again.

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