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Gulf Coast Tick

Gulf Coast Tick Information


Gulf Coast ticks are approximately ¼” in length.  The adult ticks are brown and may have some light-colored markings on their backs.  The female Gulf Coast tick has a large, dark scutum.  The young nymphs are light gray or pale blue, and appear shiny in appearance.

gulf coast tick featured

Location and Behavior Patterns:

The Gulf Coast tick can be found along coastal regions near the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic Coast, too.  This tick may be found within 100 miles of the coastal areas.  They typically stay in grass plains, in fields, or along the edge of a wooded area. 

Gulf Coast ticks feed on wild animals, typically.  They may also feed on family pets and on people, too.  This tick, Lone Star Tick etc can pass diseases to humans, and can cause problematic physical reactions in some people. 


If you find a Gulf Coast tick on your skin, then careful removal of the tick is vital.  Grabbing the tick with sharp-edged tweezers, and as closely as you can to the skin surface, will enable you to remove the tick thoroughly.  Cleanse the affected area carefully, and see a doctor if symptoms arise.

Treatment of your property may be required, if multiple ticks become a problem.  Professional pest control assistance is your best defense for controlling tick infestations.

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