Mediterranean Meal Moth

Mediterranean Meal Moth Information


The Mediterranean Meal moth can be identified by its’ light gray color and distinctive bands of black along their bodies.  The are usually about ¾” long, but may be up to 1” in size, with their wings expanded.

Indian meal moth pest, Plodia interpunctella on white wall

Location and Behavior Patterns:

When found in a home environment, this type of moth and others is often located in, our around, the pantry and other places where dry food is stored.  They are attracted to flour, grains, and other similar items.  They can be seen feeding on dried whole grains, flour, cereal, bird food, pet food, chocolate, nuts, and other dry foods.

In processing plants or on farms, they are often found in dried food storage places and in the food processing equipment.  The silk-like tubes that they create can sometimes clog processing machinery, and can be disruptive to the processing system.

Adult, female moths will lay eggs within the dried food, and the larvae that hatch will feed on the foods around them.


Foods that have been stored for a significant amount of time, should be inspected thoroughly before consumption.  If a Mediterranean Meal moth infestation has occurred, then the food should be discarded and the area should be cleaned thoroughly.  Preventative measures are the most effective way to deal with a moth infestation; however, direct treatment is also a possibility, if an infestation has already occurred. 

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