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Mealworms are approximately ½”-3/4” in length.  They are white-tan in color, and they typically have brown stripes on their bodies.  They look like small worms, although they are not classified as worms.  They are actually the larval stage of the Mealworm beetle.

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Mealworms are usually found in dark, damp places, such as; underneath rocks, rotting logs, or underneath moist mulch.  They feed on dead, or decaying, animals, vegetation, feces, or insects.  Mealworms and moths etc are typically nocturnal creatures, but they can also be active during the day, too.  In addition to feeding on dead or decaying items, they may also feed on food items that are located within a home or a processing plant, especially foods that are moldy or have become damp.  Although Mealworms are not harmful to humans, they can do significant damage to food items, if infestations occur.

Mealworms, especially dried ones, are often used as a food source for pet reptiles and amphibians.


Once an infestation has occurred in edible items, then all of the affected items must be thrown away.  The area that was infected must be thoroughly cleaned, too, in order to sanitize the area for food processing/storing once again.  Inside your home, monitor foods that are stored for long periods of time, in order to detect moistness or mold development, and discard them as soon as possible.