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Palm Weevil

Palm Weevil Information


Palm Weevils are relatively large insects.  They average about 1.5” in length.  There are many types of Palm Weevils, but they are generally dark in color, such as dark red or black, and they often have markings or stripes along their backs.

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

The Palm Weevil is considered to be the most damaging pest to all types of palms.  They can be very destructive, sometimes to the point of having to remove the palms completely, in order to eradicate a Palm Weevil infestation.

Palm Weevils are mostly attracted to palms that are not perfectly healthy, but they can infest healthy palms, too.  They will gnaw their way inside the palms, where the females will lay her eggs.  The newly hatched larvae will feed on the inside of the palm, which can cause a lot of damage.  In fact, sometimes the infected palm will seem to be making noise, which is the larvae noise, as they feed on the plant.


Insecticides can be effective for treating Palm Weevils.  Sometimes a pest control specialist will even inject an insecticide inside the palm, in order to rid the interior of the palm of this bothersome pest.  A palm that is completely overrun may have no hope of survival, and will need to be removed, and destroyed, entirely.

Palm Weevil