Iguana invasive species florida


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Green iguanas can be found throughout Florida, and are especially growing in population in southern Florida.  This non-aggressive animal can reach up to five feet in length.  The male iguanas may weigh up to 17 pounds, while the female is usually no more than 7 pounds.  This dragon-like animal has pointy spines that run down the length of its’ back and long tail, and they have a “beard” underneath their chin.

Iguana invasive species florida

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Iguanas are not native to Florida, but since their arrival, they have multiplied so quickly, that they are becoming quite a nuisance pest.  They do not usually attack people or other animals, unless they feel threatened.  They will bite, in this case, and the bite can be painful.  They also carry harmful bacteria, which may prove to be a problem for some people and pets.

Iguanas can destroy foundations of buildings, sidewalks, seawalls, and other structures around varying communities.  They dig long tunnels, which causes all of these structural problems.  It is legal to kill iguanas in Florida; however, it must be performed in a humane fashion.


If you suspect an iguana presence on your property, then contact your local pest control technician for assistance.  Trapping, and removal, is the method that will be used.  Preventative measures around your property are also important to limit the iguana population close to your home.  Do not leave food outside, such as pet food, fallen tree fruit, or other items that will attract the iguanas.

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