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There are many different types of snails, but one that is most common is the garden snail.  This type of snail can be bothersome year-round in the state of Florida and elsewhere.  They range in size from about ½”-1 ½” long.  They are a soft-bodied mollusk that has a shell on top.  Their body is often yellowish-cream and their shell is often brown with dark stripes.  Their spherical-shaped shell may have a rough texture, while their body is usually slimy.


Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Snails are very slow-moving creatures.  They are usually nocturnal, which means that they are most active during the nighttime, or early morning, hours.  On rainy, cloudy days, they may be seen during the daylight hours, too.  As they move or eat, they can be seen emerging from their shell; otherwise, they will retract into their shell. 

Snails feed on a variety of plants, including; fruit trees, herbs, flowers, the bark of various trees, and many other trees/plants that are located in gardens or in hedges.  They can do significant damage to various plants.


Insecticides are effective for treating snails.  There are also several home remedies that can be used.  For example, most snails are attracted to the scent of beer, and placing a bowl of beer around the plants that are being affected by the snails, will draw the snails into the bowl, and they will essentially be trapped.

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